Polar Bears of Helsinki

So,  here we are… 2013 and all that.

The last few weeks have been mainly taken up with upping sticks from Scottsdale, Arizona (in the middle of the desert) to Helsinki, Finland (in the middle of the sub-Arctic winter). It is dark, freezing and frankly has been a tough experience all round. Major culture shock for us and the kids. We’ll adjust, but these first couple of weeks have been a grind.

I have also had to say goodbye to my guitars for a few weeks. They’re on the way from the US in an air shipment that arrives on Monday. But I was reunited with my old 1994 vintage (?) Japanese Strat! It has spent the last two years in a mate’s basement. I cracked the case, picked it up and although the trussrod clearly needs tightening it is in really good shape. It was even in tune!

Sadly, I won’t be doing anything musical for several weeks or even months yet. The immediate priority has been getting us and the kids over jetlag That’s just about done. The second priority is to organize our living arrangements. In Scottsdale we had a 120 square meter, three bedroom, two bath apartment. In Helsinki we have a 58 square meter one bedroom flat. In the long run we need to move out of the city and get more space, but we probably won’t be able to do that for a year or so. So we have a lot of organizing to do.

When the dust has finally settled (around Easter?) I’ll really be looking forward to playing guitar and writing some more songs.


2 thoughts on “Polar Bears of Helsinki

  1. The most interesting part, the culture shock, tell how it was and everything- So short blog:/ Take care and write, write… Did finnish summer melt your heart?

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