Over one year of blogging…

I just realized, I have now been blogging here for over a year. Wahay!. During this time I’ve written a fair few articles about guitars and tangentially-related stuff.

By far the most popular post I wrote was about Bradley Wiggins and his guitar collection. Posted just as he won the Tour de France, this boosted traffic from less than 10 hits a day to several hundred, at least in the immediate aftermath of the tour. Until recently this probably still brought in half the traffic. If you Google “Bradley Wiggins guitars”, then I’m not the top hit, but I am on the first page.

My other greatest hit was just some pictures of my new Agile AL-3010SE Les Paul style guitar, which at just over $300 new is just staggeringly good bang for the buck. I linked to that post from the Agile Guitar Forum. Hundreds of folks have been to check it out — including several hits from Korea, which I like to think could be the manufacturers. If so, then I’d just like to say “Hi Guys!” and “Thanks for making such an excellent guitar!” and “I hope that you pay your craftsmen and women a decent wage!”

Other pages, frankly get little or no readership. But I still think this has been a worthwhile pursuit. I enjoy writing and this gives me an outlet.

In the second year of ATG, then I resolve to

  • Write more about playing and music, less about guitars and gear (after we move back to Helsinki I will have to anyway tame my GAS)
  • Try and be more interesting. Perhaps prepare more instead of just rambling (like this)
  • Branch out to other, tangentially related topics, or just other stuff I find interesting e.g. coffee, live music, Finland, whatevs

If you’re reading this, I thank you.

Happy Thanksgiving



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