Agile Pics

So here it is. Pretty cool, huh? Especially for the money. Feels GREAT to play. I love it.


4 thoughts on “Agile Pics

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  2. You got me on this post! So how did you like it? after 4 months (assuming you still have the 3010SE), what´s your verdict on that guitar? Is it worth it? would you upgrade something? Thanks!!

    • Thanks for stopping by Sabas!

      Still have it. Still love it. I really enjoy playing it. Definitely worth it, you’d have to spend 2x or even 3x to get something as good in the Epi/Gibson range.

      In terms of upgrades, then I am not sure what I would change. Right now I am enjoying it stock. I’d definitely like to get another Agile at some point though.

      • Thanks, niilolainen! Fast response!! It´s good news you like it stock, meaning she´s a good guitar, or, at least, you got a good one and not a lemon.. Hope I can get one of those. Living in Venezuela is not that easy (including living, but well, that´s another subject…)

        Thanks again, and hope you´re doing well!


        P.D.: I can´t stop looking at the pictures of your guitar; excellent shots and extremely gorgeous and beautiful guitar, in one of the finishes I like most (Tobacco first, 2TS (or Vintage Sunburst) second, and Rootbeer (yours) third – though they´re all almost in the first place, meaning I´d love my guitar in any of those finishes).

        Best regards!..

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