Adios El Cheapo

So, a few days ago I said goodbye to my cheap Chinese Les Paul copy and my Fender Mustang I modeling amp. I have to admit it was a wrench. The guy who bought it is a singer who wants to learn how to play. He brought with him his guitarist mate to put El Cheapo through its paces. With the modeling amp set to Marshall stack mode and a bit of crunch dialed in, it sounded absolutely amazing. Regardless of origin, some guitars just have mojo and El Cheapo has it in spades, despite the lack of set neck, the pick-ups are excellent, the neck and frets really played well and it looked the business. I may have made a mistake in letting it go.

Good luck amigo, you will be missed.

Still. Looking on the bright side, I now have a bloody good excuse to start hanging out in guitar shops again. We’ll be leaving Arizona and returning to Europe at the end of the year. The cost of stuff in Finland relative to the US is just insane, so I want to take another guitar with me. With the money raised from the sale, plus perhaps some more money to be raised by selling my Squier P-Bass I could have about $400 in seed money to put into the next one. This should put me in high-end Korean made Epiphone Les Paul territory or even low end Gibson Les Paul Studio territory. Whatever, it will be a good excuse to geek out and really dive into the options for getting a single-cut Les Paul style guitar.



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