Prince plus Fender Stratocaster (This counts as news in my world II)

I’ve been a Prince fan since I was a teenager, although I have to admit to losing interest in his records during the 1990s, he’s still in my book one of the greatest artists of all time. Back in the days of Parade and Sign O’The Times I was actually a pretty obsessive Prince fan. Those records from Dirty Mind to SOTT (and probably 50% of Lovesexy) were just fantastic.

Was just scanning the news and found this nice article on Prince’s lost gems by The Guardian.

At the top of the article is The Wee Purple Groove Hobbit with a Fender Stratocaster.

Photo hotlinked from The Guardian website

Although Prince is a famous Telecaster player, his classic instrument was actually a  Hohner Madkat Tele copy. So it’s interesting (if you are a guitar geek like me) to see him with a Strat. You can tell it’s a strat because of the pointy angle on the headstock opposite the tuning keys. The Tele headstock is thinner and more rounded. But it could also be he has some kind of partscaster or special edition he had built for him by Fender or a minion luthier.

Anyway. Prince and a Strat. That is all.