Brilliant Definition of GAS (Gear Acquisition Syndrome)

I just stumbled across this excellent definition of the term GAS, which of course an affliction that I battle on an almost daily basis.

It seems to be a link to a Wikipedia user profile of somebody going by the name Greycat, not a real article, so I hope Mr. or Ms. Greycat will forgive me for reproducing it in full here as I am not sure how long such an article will last on the Wikipedia servers. If you do object, please leave a comment and I will of course amend this post.

User:GreyCat/Gear Acquisition Syndrome

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Gear Acquisition Syndrome (sometimes Guitar Acquisition Syndrome, both abbreviated to GAS) is a term used to describe an urge to acquire and accumulate lots of gear. This term commonly associated with:

  • Guitarists (tend to acquire guitarsguitar amplifiers, pedals, effects processors)
  • Keyboard / synth players (tend to acquire keyboards, synthesizers, samplers, effects units, etc)
  • Drummers (various drums, percussion, drumsticks)
  • Photographers (cameras and its parts – bodies, lens, mounts, filters, flash, etc.)
  • Bike accesories (racks, lights, fenders, etc.)

The term “GAS” was coined by Walter Becker in 1996 in his article G.A.S. in Guitar Player[1] as “Guitar Acquisition Syndrome”. The term started to be frequently used by guitarists and spread out to other musicians who were familiar with similar tendencies. As it no longer concerns guitars only, GAS is now commonly backronym

GAS shouldn’t be confused with collection.

[edit]Similar addictions

GAS is similar in many ways to obsessive compulsive disorder



GAS hasn’t received any major medical attention yet GAS is not a clinical condition. It can be the result of a psychological lack of personality (trying to give an impression of being the best by immitating a famous icon or celebrity), but this whouldn’t explain why musicians “affected” by GAS tend to accumulate cheap gear, not linked to famous brands or music icons. There is an experimental therapy for guitarists that suggests to buy a 1959 Gibson Les Paul, a 1960 Fender Stratocaster and a high-end Ibanez, together with a Marshall Plexi, a Fender Vibroverb and a Mesa Rectifier, to permanently satisfy the inner appetite for compulsive shopping.


  1. ^ Walter Becker (1996-05-31). “G.A.S.”Guitar Player.

Category:Distribution, retailing, and wholesaling Category:Guitars

I love the bit  about “… musicians “affected” by GAS tend to accumulate cheap gear, not linked to famous brands or music icons” as this resonates quite well with my recent, perhaps ill-advised, Cheapo Chinese Les Paul purchase and the fact that I spend unreasonable amounts of time scouring Craigslist and rolling my eyes at the prices people are asking for Epiphones.

Guilty as charged!

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