Arise, Sir Brad of Mod

Photo hotlinked from The Guardian

Just a short one today. Bradley Wiggins — ATG’s Man of The Year– has won Gold in the Olympic time trial. The icing on the cake. I am sure he still wishes he could’ve launched his mate Cav for the road race win, but he’s still had the best season of any British cyclist ever, with Olympic victory coming hard on the heels of becoming the first Brit to win cycling’s greatest race– which is in my book probably one of sport’s greatest events, full stop.

Congratulations Sir Bradley Wiggins (the New Year’s Honours list surely a mere formality), Colonel Wiggo, Le Gentlemen. One of Britain’s greatest ever sporting heros, one who also seems to be genuinely decent human being.

PS I reckon that Gibson should come out with a half yellow half, Union Jack Brad Wiggins signature ES-335


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