The New Addition


So here it is. My Telecaster lust is sated. I just got back from Guitar Center with a Made In Mexico (MIM) Fender FSR Silverburst Tele. Listed at $499, but because it has a ding in the finish, I managed to get them to discount it to $326 + tax, which is $350 out of the door. This is a saving of about $100 below the full price guitar, once you’ve done the haggling, and is not far off what you’d expect to pay for a good condition used instrument. I’m pretty chuffed!


So there it is. Project Telecaster is a wrap. I don’t plan on buying any more guitars this year. It would be difficult to justify on every level. I have my Tele, the Ibanez Artcore hollow body electric, my lovely Breedlove acoustic, plus my Strat in storage back home in Helsinki. I have quite the collection. The only Guitarchetype guitar I’m missing now is a Les Paul type with dual humbuckers, but I am in no hurry to get that one.

No I really need to focus on playing the damn things!


4 thoughts on “The New Addition

    • Definitely not. But the tone may change. I can’t really justify any major guitar related purchases for the rest of the year, so I’ll need to broaden my blogging horizons!

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