What’s the point?

While writing the Les Paul post in the Guitarchetypes series, I seriously lost the will to live. I began to wonder if this blog was really such a good idea after all, especially if I’m not enjoying writing it. I think I started feeling like that because I committed myself to writing 5 posts on the five different types of guitar. I’d locked myself into a pattern I couldn’t break. So that’s why I dashed off the ES335 one as quickly as I could.

But the whole Guitarchetype concept does have a point I feel. As I said at the outset, these 5 guitars should be the cornerstones of any collection. Of course what I really meant is that these are the guitars I aspire to have in my collection. They’re all distinctive classics that I believe can be justified on musical grounds. A painter needs a palette of colours to work with, no?

So really this whole Guitarchetype thing was just an extended setup to pose the question:

What kind of guitar do I want to get next?

I already have a nice flat top acoustic (Guitarchetype I) and a Fender Stratocaster (Guitarchetype II). So next it has to be either a Telecaster, Les Paul or ES335 type.

Please note; I believe that these five guitars represent types, I don’t necessarily think I need to own exactly these guitars. In an ideal world I would, but they are just so expensive. Especially the Gibsons cost over $2k each, even used. I just don’t have that kind of disposable income.

But there are a huge range of options within these types. For the ES335 it would be possible to get the Epiphone version rather than the Gibson, or instead go Gretsch or Ibanez Artcore. For a Les Paul I could consider an Epiphone or a similar ESP-LTD type.

I am looking for maximum bang for my limited bucks and I don’t know yet where I will find it.


One thought on “What’s the point?

  1. This is an impressive approach to justifying a guitar purchase! I bought a new bike the other week and cyclostyle certainly wasn’t a pre-briefing to my other half that I was thinking of filling a space in our garage! Blogging shouldn’t be a chore, but I know it feels like that sometimes.

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