Guitarchetypes V: Gibson ES335

Chuck Berry. BB King. Lots of other blues dudes I guess I could look up on Wikipedia. John Lennon’s Epiphone Casino. Shoe-gazers. Feedback. Noel Gallagher. Can get an Epiphone Dot Studio (“if Ikea did guiitars”) for 300 bucks at Guitar Center. Ibanez Artcore. Insert picture of Chuck.

Job done. Thank God that’s over with.


6 thoughts on “Guitarchetypes V: Gibson ES335

  1. Stick with the blog posts mate. The last few have been great – the stuff about you is more interesting than the quitars themselves. Do you own one of these? If you did, would you dance around like Chuck Berry when you played it? You’ve just given us the scribblings on a napkin here – where’s the real story? Stop watching cr*p films on those long haul flights and fill in the blanks – people read this stuff. Not that I can really talk with two posts this year!

    In the words of Buddy Holly (did he play an ES335) “don’t (blog) fade away”

  2. I think the problem is that with the whole ‘Guitarchetypes’ theme I forced myself to write 5 posts. I got really bored of myself while writing the Les Paul one (the Mark Twain quote about writing versus typing came to mind!) and so I just really wanted to get the ES335 one out of the way as soon as possible so I could work out something more interesting to write…

    (Buddy Holly of course was a Strat man!)

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